Monday, June 6, 2016

Sign of the Green Dragon-A Review

Release date: August 3, 2016

This hasn’t been the best year for Sam, and it just got worse. Right when he thought he’d found a permanent home, his finicky guardian tells him he’s shipping Sam off to private school. This means Sam won’t bat for his team, and if he doesn’t, Haggarty Elementary won’t win the baseball championship again this year. His two teammates, Joey and Roger, are determined to stash him in their secret cave—at least until he brings in the winning run.

While the boys explore the hideout, an earthquake crumbles a wall, revealing a hidden room—and it’s not empty. A dragon-carved chest opens to reveal a human skeleton, its hand-bones clutching a note with a crudely drawn map. At the top of the map is scribbled, 1859.

Sam, Joey and Roger learn about a treasure lying in wait, if only they can locate something called the Dragon Twin, reveal the truth about an old murder, and return a person named Mei Ling to her ancestors in China.

The boys are up for the challenge. But how? They only have the map showing the way to an old mining town, and some strange symbols they can’t understand. None of them can make sense of the note. Who’s Mei Ling? And what the heck is a Dragon Twin?

With time running out before he’s sent packing, Sam and his friends set out on an adventure that has much higher stakes than any baseball championship—one that gets them into trouble with a modern crime, pits them against ancient Chinese dragons, and reveals the true meaning of treasure for each of them.

My Review
A middle grade action adventure book that includes a treasure map, dark, creepy places, and bad guys...oh, and dragons!  What's not to like!

Sam is being sent to boarding school before the school's big baseball game, and they finally have a chance at winning! Friends, Joey and Roger can't let Sam leave, so they decide to hide him in a cave. The cave ends up revealing a chest with bones, a note, and a map. With the mention of treasure, the boys are off to find it.

Clues lead them to a sad tale of hope, murder, and redemption.

As I read this story, it reminded me of what I loved about Goonies and Super 8--the courage of friends and the importance of family.

A great Middle Grade read.
5 Stars

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  1. Both of those movies I just loved. Thanks for the insight.

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  2. Oop, I love the sound of this one! C.Lee is awesome anyway, so I'd expect nothing less. Best of luck to her with this one!


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