Wednesday, July 6, 2016


We are in mid year already! Time flies. How many times I've heard that one.

I've been ... blah for a while now. I don't know what I want to read.  I don't know what I want to write. I don't know what I want to watch.... you get the point. My life has been pretty much stagnant in the writing arena. I just had a great vacation, have a carnival at my front door for the next 4 days, and am going camping with my daughter next weekend. For a socially awkward person, that's a big deal!

I'm trying to be a better mom, among everything else. And sometimes that means putting away my fears and forgetting how much time flies.

That's pretty much what I'm insecure about this month. And the whole being with other moms and daughters in the woods somewhere.

Yeah... wish me luck.


  1. I would feel the same way! Camping? I prefer a hotel. And camping with other mothers I don't know? Super awkward for me. Good luck! I hope you have fun!

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  3. If you're heart is in the right place, there is no need to worry. Happy camping.

    Anna from elements of emaginette


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